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The work on developing this website commenced at the beginning of 2000. Three people (all ex ABC staff) are involved in collation of the material, interviewing people who worked at Gore Hill in the 50s and designing the web site format. The people are Colin McPherson, Doug Grant and Bob Sitsky.

If you were a member of the ABC staff in the fifties, or if you were involved externally with ABN2 during this period, your input is requested. Please talk to other people that you know worked for the ABC at Gore Hill, and ask them to make a contribution.

We need contributions for all the pages in this web - if you have factual material on the technology or equipment we would like to hear from you; if you have personal anecdotes or memories you want to share we would like to hear from you. If you have photographs from the early days of television of ABN2 productions or operations, please scan them into your PC and attach them to your emails.

Send your contributions by email, with any attachments, to the Web Coordinator.

We also need feedback about the design of this Website. If you have any suggestions on the general layout, or have ideas about other pages that should be established on this web, please email the Web Coordinator.

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This site needs your input! If you were involved with ABN2 in the 1950's, either internally or externally, and you have a story to tell or an event to describe,
please e-mail the Web Coordinator.

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