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There were many people who worked in support of Programme Productions. Staff in Graphics, Make-up, Wardrobe, Set Makers and Finishers, Studio Props to name a few.

Radio Active in its November 56 edition featured Doreen Castle (Senior Make-up Officer HO) and William (Bill) Kennard (Senior Graphics Designer HO). Check out one of the Make-up Rooms at Gore Hill. The Wardrobe Mistresses on Opening Night were Zilla Wetherby (on right) and her sister.

The ABC Televisions Service and Supply Department's Presentation Section produced Weekly Operations Sheets providing a daily General Schedule and a daily Studio Schedule. The General Schedule detailed staff allocated to programmes and the Studio Schedule allocated programmes to either Studios or OB's. View the Weekly Operations Sheets for Week 6 in 1958. Also take a glimpse of some Programme Rundowns from the very early days.

Contributions from people who worked in production departments or "On Air" talent in the Fifties

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John Appleton (Producer) comments on Children's Programs.

A conversation with Prue Bavin (now Wyndham) (Script Assistant). Photo of Prue (on right) at Melbourne Olympic Games OB.

Joyce Belfrage (Producer) talks about the ABC.

Don Bethel (Propsman) reflects on the creative skills needed to get there in those early days.

Alan Burke (Television Producer) talks about the early days of television.

Alan Burke (Television Producer) talks about Early ABC Operas.

John Buttle (Television Producer) reflects on early television events.

John Chance (News Reader) talks with Tanya Halesworth for her newspaper column on his transition to television.

Colin Dean (Television Producer) reflects on his early days in TV.

Colin Dean (Television Producer) was featured in ABC's Scan Magazine on his retirement. An Obituary to Colin Dean appeared in the Sydney Morming Herald on 20th April 2007.

Reflections on a TV show "Find the Link" by John Dywer (Hepetologist).

Margaret Delves (now Moore) (Producer) remembers. Photo of Margaret at work in the Arcon Control Room. Margaret in 1957. The cover of TV Preview magazine and press clippings of Margaret as the youngest TV Producer at ABN and of her achievements as published in TV News-Times. Margaret at the harpsicord in Studio 228. The Eulogy to Margaret Moore from the Order of Service to Celebrate her Life 30th July 2013.

Lorrea Desmond (Singer) remembers her early days at the ABC.

Working at the ABC with Daphne Ferguson (Make-up Assistant)

A conversation with Sam Leon (Floor Manager). Photo of Sam Leon (on right) with Sid Bowers at Artransa Studios 1957.

Norman May (Sporting Commentator) remembers his early days in ABC television. Tributes to Norman May Revolutionising Sports Commentary and Gold Gold Gold.

Bill McGowan remembers the first Football Match TV coverage at Chatswood Oval and other anecdotes.

Birth of Boxing Corner by Ray Mitchell (Boxing Commentator). Photo of Ray (on left) being interviewed by Bob Moore (Sporting Presenter and News Reader). Ray's son Alan Mitchell writes about his Dad's time at the ABC.

A conversation with Babs McKinnon (Singer) and Bill Crawford (Floor Manager).

Tom Manefield (Television Producer) reflects on some early production issues. (exerpts)

Bob Moore looks back (Sporting Presenter and News Reader). The Eulogy to Robert (Bob) Moore from the Order of Service to Celebrate his Life 18th October 2013.

A conversation with Ruth Page (now Harris) (Script Assistant). Ruth's story of becoming a Script Assistant in Radio Active.

Renowned music Producer Peter Page was complimented in articles in ABC's Scan Magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald.

And then there was 'People' with Neville Petersen (Compere and Interviewer). See also Neville's contribution under Film and News.

John Pickup (Floor Manager) reflects on 'A Night in ABC's Arcon Studio in 1956'.

Barbara Potter's (Presentation Announcer) story on becoming a TV Presentation Announcer.

Jack Singe (Supervisor Production Facilities) tells how he started at the ABC.

Pauline Thomas (Script Assistant) remembers those early days. Pauline featured in a Women's Weekly Article in 1972 being the only Australian TV woman at the Munich Olympic Games. Pauline's Eulogy was presented at St Paul's Anglican Church, Burwood, NSW on 8th February 2018.

David Twiby (Floor Assistant) looks back at his days at the ABC in the fifties.

Robyn Twiby (Script Assistant) sent a Letter to her Aunt detailing her first days as a TV Script Assistant. Robyn was also one of the First Group of Women to be trained by the ABC

Star of the first ABN 2 TV Opera "The Telephone" Marie Tysoe (Mezzo Soprano) remembers. Marie in the Opera Marriage of Figaro (1960).


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