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A story from George Paterson featured in the Electronics Australia Magazine in December 1995. George worked for the PMG in Radio until 1955 when he commenced duty at the ABN 2 Transmitter. He transferred to television in 1958. The article is included because of its historical interest of wartime broadcast operations.

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John Chance made a sucessful transition from an Anouncer on radio to a News Reader on television. His daughter, Laura Murray Cree, nee Chance, submitted early documents covering John's career. John commenced announcing on the ABC radio in 1937 and was accredited as a correspondent with the Australian Military Forces in 1947. John reflected on his transition to television and his family life in Tanya Halesworth's press interview. New ABC Pass Cards were given to staff members of the ABC in the sixties for security purposes. His contribution to the ABC Staff Association was recognised with Life Membership in 1967. John retired on the 3rd December 1971 with the General Manager, Talbot Duckmanton writing a Letter in Appreciation of John's valuable contributions to ABC operations.



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