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With the advent of television the Government decided that the ABC would have its own Technical Division for the provision and support of technical facilities. The Head Office structure was set up as Technical Services and was responsible for the provision of facilities. The NSW state structure was set up as TV Engineering and was responsible for the Installation, Operations and Maintenance of television facilities. Technicians installed the studios as well as operate and maintain the equipment. In 1968 the role of Technical Operator was introduced to cover a specialist operational role.

Radio Active featured write-ups of Engineering staff in its October 1956 edition. Key players were Lloyd D Hadfield, Kenneth Noel Middleton, Colin Frederick Stockbridge, Thomas Kevin Bourke, John A Poll, David Mark Prichard and Carl Reinhold Wilhelm. The article was headed Introducing the ABC - TV Engineering Staff.

Contributions from people who worked with TV Engineering in the fifties.

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My Memories of Gore Hill by Athol Adams (Technician in Training).

Eddy Berlage shares some memories of his experiences on camera.

My Sydney experience with Frank Brogan (ABC Engineer).

Noel Cantrill (Technician in Training) remembers his TIT days. An Obituary to Noel Cantrill was published in the Sydney Morning Herald by Frank Arnold (Studio Hand) and a SMH Journalist, Amy Ripley. Unfortunately the printed edition credited a Frank Arthur which was corrected in the digital edition.

Early days with Richard Carden (Technician in Training).

Bob Connor (Technician in Training) as a TIT.

Don Crowley (Supervisor Telecine) with a Telecine story.

Bob Forster (ABV) and Eric Hitchin (Marconi Engineer) reflect on the early days.

Bob Forster
(ABV) and his Career.

Ken Frank (Marconi Engineer) recalls the early days.

Marconi Engineer, Ken Frank's diary excerpts.

A conversation with John Garton (Senior Technician) and Bruce Valentine (Technician).

Early Days with John Laker (Electrician).

Interviews with Barry Lambert (Technician Assistant).

Rex Lapham (Technician) recall the early days.

Rex Lapham (Technician) assisted by Wendy Borchers (ABC Archives) on Rugby League in the 50s..

Peter Lipscomb (Technician in Training) remembers his early days.

Early days as a trainee - Colin McPherson (Technician in Training).

ABC and training - John Nixon (Technician in Training).

The Television Transmitters with George Paterson.

A conversation with Philip Pearson (Technician) and Jack Christopher (Senior Technician).

Len Richardson (Studio Cameraman) - The ABC was My University

The Arcon days with Grahame Sibley (Supervisor Installation).

Bob Sitsky (Technician in Training) remembers days as a TIT.

A conversation with Larry Sitsky (Sound Technician).

Merv Somers (Workshop Forman) remembers.

Memories of the ABC by John Starr (ABC Engineer). John also provided a List of Engineering Instructions 1956 - 1960 giving insight into issues being dealt with in setting up NSW TV Engineering.

Discussion with Gordon Waterhouse (Sound Technician).

Interview with John Watson (Supervisor Engineering Training) on his move to commence ABC Technician Training

Telerecording with Carl Wilhelm (ABC Engineer).

Carl Wilhelm (ABC Engineer) remembers the early days.

Jim Wilkinson (Technician in Training) reflects on his time with the ABC

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