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The Arcon Studio

The original make shift studio was The Arcon Studio, a converted PMG Fibro Storage Shed. This facility was used until the new studio building was completed. Direction to the Studio was shown on a sign board.

A 1957 photos of the Front of the Arcon building as well as a Side view of the Arcon building as it was surrounded by construction.

The Main Arcon Studio, its Production Control Room where in the Left Hand View the Producer and Sound Operator sat, and in the Right Hand View again where the producer sat and where the TP/CCU Operator worked. The overlapping pictures clearly indicate how small the room was and the temporary nature of the facility.

An original blue-print drawing of the Arcon Studio set plan for the production of "Sub-Editors Room" is shown. This programme was scheduled for transmission on Tuesday 18-12-56 at 8:30pm to 9:00pm. This programme was produced by Leslie Rees with designer Denis Grafton. The plan was drawn by Robert L Allnut who later became a producer.

A set plan for the production "Rope" is also shown. This programme was produced by Will Sterling with Designer Philip Hickie. It was scheduled for transmission on 21-8-57 at 8.30pm. Note how the small studio space was set to allow multiple scenes. Undoubtedly the grand piano had to be moved to shoot the two elevations depicted but the set extension to the window background and the adjacent cocktail cabinet and drape conjours another camera view.

Another set plan for Sunday Programmes designed by Philip Hickey with Royston Morley as producer. In this case three sets in the studio for different broadcast times on Sunday 20-10-57. Last minute scene changes are shown on the Studio plan for 16-12-57.

John Pickup (Floor Manager) recalls a typical night of the Presentation activities in the Arcon in 1956.

The range of programmes produced in the Arcon can be seen in the Floor Manager Rosters as archived by Ken North (Trainee Floor Manager). They also show how the rehersals (Dry Runs) of programmes were done in the Radio Studios eg Studios 217, 228 etc

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On Air in the Arcon

"On Air" in the Arcon

Arcon Studio Set

An Arcon Studio set with presentation desk on the right.

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