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The New ABC Studios at Gore Hill (1958)


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ABN Studios 1958

Many photos were taken during the early days of television. We need more to show the activities of the time.

See what we have so far under the Gore Hill Site, Studios, Master Control, Telecine and Telerecord, Outside Broadcasts and the PMG Transmitter.

Newspapers and Magazines also featured television events. Visit The Sydney Morning Herald feature of the time. The Daily Mirror observed the ABN Channel 2 was compass conscious on 29th October 1957.

The Herald also featured an article on Peter Page, renowned producer of ABC Music programmes from opera to jazz and the trail blazer 6 O'clock Rock. The ABC's Scan Magazine also had an article written on Peter's retirement.

Norman May (Sporting Commentator) also featured in press articles.

Colin Dean (Drama producer) featured in an ABC Scan margazine article on his retirement in 1983. An Obituary to Colin Dean was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 20th April 2007.

The Herald also published an Obituary to John Croyston (Radio and TV producer). Other Obituaries appeared for John West (Radio and TV Announcer), Tanya Halesworth (TV Announcer), Jim Downes (Presenter), John Crew (Newsman), Julitha Walker (Opening Night Talent), Jim Revitt (Journalist), James Dibble (ABC's First Newsreader) and Leigh Spence (Producer).

On the 2nd July 2009 the Sydney Morning Herald celebrated Mr Squiggle's 50th Birthday. An Obituary to Norman Heatherington appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.

'A Tribute to Hans Pomeranz' was authored by Brian Davies ex ABC Journalist following Hans passing on 29 October 2007.


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