ABC TV at GH in the Fifties

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Gore Hill Site

The Gore Hill Site

The Gore Hill site was chosen because of its high elevation and the fact that it was an old PMG depot. Photos in the 1950s were predominately black and white and these have survived well. Experimentation with colour photography for general use was in its infancy resulting in the introduction of 35mm slides. Unfortunately some of these slides faded with time but they are included here for their historic value. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge and view. Original TV broadcasts were made from a temporary antenna tower nicknamed "Little Toot". When the Large TV tower was completed Little Toot was used as a link tower for OBs.

ABN Sign by Day
ABN Sign by Night
ABN Studio Entrance
Ob Van 1956
ABN Sign by Day

ABN Sign by Night
(Note the light reflecting
on the tram lines)

ABN Studio Entrance
Rear of ABN Building with Toot and Link Dish in background
View from TooT
View down Toot
Little Toot with ATN Tower in background
ABN Car Park
View from Toot to the West
View looking down from Toot
Little Toot with ATN 7 Tower in Background
ABN Car Park
The Greasy Spoon
ABN Studios 1959


Early Gore Hill Site


ABN Studios

The Garage Canteen nicknamed 'The Greasy Spoon'

The ABN Studios 1959

Early Photo of Gore Hill Site
ABN Studio Building nearing completion

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