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Studio 21 was the Major Production Studio where Dramas and Operas were produced. The Studio Floor was 80ft x 60ft (24m x 18m with a 25ft ceiling (8m). A panagraph lighting system allowed for precise lighting placement so the studio was ideal for this purpose. The studio was officially opened on 29th January, 1958.

A view from the lighting grid shows Studio 21 Cameras at work. The spacious Production Control Room's Left Hand View shows the Producer and Script Assistant positions while the Centre View shows the Vision Mixer and TP positions and the Right Hand View the TP and CCU Operators positions. The Organ like Lighting Control Desk and a Viewing room were situated on Studio right and a Sound Control Room on Studio left.

Some early programs were Any Questions with Frank Legg and Whats in the Picture?, Another was a serial "Stormy Petrel". The Crew had a party after the final episode.

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