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Studio 22

Studio 22 was used for General Productions and as it featured a batten lighting system it lent itself to quick production changeovers. It became the venue for Light Entertainment programs such as Woman's World, Hit Parade, Make ours Music and children's programs.

A view from the Studio 22 Floor shows the size of the 80 foot (24 metres) x 60 foot (18 metres) Studio with its 25 foot (8 metre) ceiling. The camera crane was shared by the two studios which were set up to handle 3 cameras each. The Production Control Room layout was basically the same as Studio 21 with the Producer and Script Assistant on the Control Room left and the Vision Mixer and TP positions in the centre and the TP and CCU Operators positions on the centre right. The Organ like Lighting Control Desk and a Viewing room were situated on Studio right and a Sound Control Room on Studio left.

One of the favourite shows from Studio 22 in the fifties was Six O'Clock Rock.

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