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Studio 23

Studio 23 was primarily used for News, Weather and Sport. The studio floor was 30ft x 20ft (9m x 6m) so it was only suitable for small productions. The Control Room utilised the equipment from the Arcon Studio. A view of the Technical Producers desk, the vision mixer and Camera Control Units (CCUs) also shows the wall mounted lighting dimmers in this simple set-up.

The studio was equipped with two EMI Emitron Cameras while the Control Room featured a Rotary Controlled Vision Mixer. The Emitron cameras created portrait-like pictures with soft greyscale tones

The early News Readers were John Chance, Jim Dibble, Paul Maclay, Martin Royal, Bruce Webber, Bruce Webster and John West and in 1959, Bob Moore.

Children's programs such as Mr Squiggle were also produced in Studio 23. Mr Squiggle celebrated his 50th Birthday on 1st July 2009.

The first weather Presenter on ABN2 was Allan Rainbird, a meteorologist with the Weather Bureau. Read also how The Advent of Television change life at the Weather Bureau.

Saturday afternoons saw Studio 23 as a major hive of activity with people streaming out into the corridor gathering sporting results. An OB of cricket or football would be the main TV coverage with sports results of other activities superimposed on the screen, These results eminated from an army of staff listening on radios to ABC and other stations gathering the latest information to be written down and passed onto the studio or graphics personnel for the TV broadcast. Graphic Cards of white lettering on black background had to be pressed to allow the superimposing of the result to take place.




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