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ABC Television commenced productions from The Arcon Studio, a temporay facility housed within a fibro storage shed. As the New Studio building was progressively completed production moved to the new site on January 29, 1958 with Studio 21 being completed first. The continuity Studio 20 was also on line together with Master Control to facilitate program assembly. Sir Richard Boyer (ABC Chairman) officially opened the new building and studios in Studio 23 using cameras from Studio 21. Studio 23 could not be completed until equipment from the Arcon was installed there. Studio 22 was the last studio to be completed in the fifties.

The New TV Studio Building at Gore Hill

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Main Entrance ABN 2
Opening Studio 21
ABC Weekly Report
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ABN Channel 2
Official Opening of Studio 21 by Sir Richard Boyer with Mr E R Daws CMG (Vice Chairman) in the background
ABC Weekly Reports
TV Presentation Announcers gave Programme Rundowns in the breaks between programmes and introduced the programmes. The first Female Announcer in Australia was Corrine Kirby on ABV 2 Melbourne followed by Barbara Potter on ABN 2 Sydney as the first in NSW. Read about Barbara's Story and what the Daily Telegraph had to say. See pictures of Barbara at work in Studio 20 and Studio 21. In 1958 the ABC advertised for a female announcer and Tanya Halesworth was chosen from a field of 200 applicants. Tanya is seen here being made-up by Daphne Harris of the Make-Up department.

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