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ABN 2 Transmitter

ABC Television programs from Gore Hill were radiated to air on Channel 2 which covered the Sydney Metropolitan area. The transmitter was operated and maintained by the Postmaster General's Department (PMG) and it was integral to Gore Hill in the Fifties.

Some photos are included of the transmitter and of some PMG colleagues of that time.

The Gore Hill Site in the Fifties as construction commences.

The ABN Transmitter building under construction.

The New Transmission Tower under construction

A Transmitter Staff meeting at the ABN Transmitter.

Another ABN Transmitter Staff Photo.

Setting up the ABN Channel 2 transmitter.

Tv Antennas

ABN 2 TV Antennas essential in radiating the Broadcast Signal

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The transmission of ABC programs commenced from a small transmitter tower commonly known as little toot. It was untimately replaced by a larger tower which not only included the TV antennas but also an FM antenna which was used for test transmissions experimenting with early frequency modulation techniques. Program for these transmissions came from a studio in West Street, North Sydney. A photo of one of the FM antenna panels is included.

The lead up to selecting a suitable site for the transmitters is covered in Doug Grant's book "Alright Leaving Here - 50 Years of ABC Technical Services"

Click for a description of the National Television Service - ABN Transmitter written in November 1956. Note how text editing was done on typewriters. When the article was approved it would be re-typed to improve its presentation. Bryan Madeley remembers some of the technical problems in getting on air for 5th November 1956.


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