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ABC Weekly

The ABC Weekly was essentially a radio magazine published by the ABC to promote its local radio programs. When ABC television started transmission, the magazine began to incorporate the schedules of the television service - it also included the schedules of the local Sydney commercial television stations.

The issue of The ABC Weekly, November 4 to November 11 1956, featured the new ABC television service, and in particular the programs of ABN2.

The magazine cover included a drawing of the ABC TV logo, shown on the face of a television receiver:

ABC Weekly Cover

Several feature articles appeared in the magazine, the first "A Landmark in Australian History" by the ABC Chairman, Sir Richard Boyer.

The Editor-in-Chief of the ABC News Service, W S Hamilton wrote "The A.B.C. News - In Vision". This included a mention that the ABC Rural Department would be providing regular weather reports featuring Mr A. Rainbird, meteorologist of the Weather Bureau.

Next an article by Neil Huchinson, the A.B.C. Director of Drama and Features on "Television Drama".

Alan Carmichael, A.B.C. Director of Talks wrote "Exciting Times Ahead" and "Televised Sport will Score" by Bernard Kerr, A.B.C. Federal Sporting Supervisor concluded the features.

The television programs were appended to the bottom of the ABC Radio program schedules.
TV Programme
Publicity in the ABC Weekly as well as On Air Presentation was used to promote Studio Programmes and Special Events
ABC Weekly Cover
Childrens TV
The Telephone
The ABC Weekly - October 20, 1956
The ABC Weekly - November 10, 1956
The ABC Weekly - December 15, 1956
Easter Show
Margaret Delves
The Royal Easter Show, 1956
The ABC Weekly - July 27, 1957
In 1957, the ABC Weekly changed the look of the schedules as television gained a more prominent role:
TV Programme

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