ABC TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties
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12 August 2013 Margaret Delves (now Moore) Press clippings and Photos of ABN's youngest TV producer - Eulogy 1956 - 1958 Go to Contributions - Production
12 August 2013 Studio Floor plans - Arcon Studio Sunday Programmes multiple sets 1957 Go to Studios - Arcon
10 March 2014 Robert Moore Sporting commentator - Eulogy 1954 - 1970 Go to Contributions - Production
18 June 2014 Leigh Spence Sydney Morning Herald published an Obituary 2014 Go to Photos and Press
21 April 2016 Noel Cantrill Sydney Morning Herald Obituary "Talented Mixer sought by Who's Who" January 2016 Go to Contributions - TV Engineering
18 September 2016 Norman May Sydney Morning Herald - Tributes to Norman May September 2016 Go to Contributions - Production
23 October 2016 James Dibble Updated video Tribute to James Dibble from ABC TV 2010 Go to Contributions - Film and News
23 October 2016 Can We Help? A video segment reflecting on ABN2 Opening Night 5th November 1956 Ep. 24 Tx: 24/07/2009 Go to Operations - Opening Night
30th October 2016 Opening Night Updated video of the Opening Night introduction added for fast broadband 5th November 1956 Go to Operations - Opening Night
30th October 2016 Sydney City Skyline Updated video of the City skyline segment added for fast broadband November 1956 Go to Operations - Opening Night
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