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Office Technology

Working life before computers and e-mails was centered around the humble typewriter. A mechanical device which clattered away when driven by a competent typist/secretary to produce the formal communications and records of the day. The typewriter was also the copier, as duplicate records were made using a carbon paper sheet/s to make the extra copies. If multiple copies were needed a stencil was cut on the typewriter and with the aid of a "Roneo" machine up to 1000 copies could be made before the stencil fell apart.


Typewriters were used for memos and letters, for pay slips and accounts. In the News Room the news stories were carefully typed and edited (by re-typing) often under the pressure of time to get the latest news for the Newsreader to present "on air". Formal documents such as "Annual Reports" were sent to the Printers for typesetting and collation.

Getting a Job at the ABC in the fifties

People sought work in many ways; by walking in and asking for work, by being encouraged by others to apply or to follow the formal system of applying for an advertised position. Advertisments for Technicial Staff - Graduates and Diplomates and Qualified Technicians, appeared in national magazines. Sam Leon asked for a job as a singer. Check out Sam' story to see what happened. Margaret Delves (now Moore) has another story while Bob Sitsky recalls the formal application as follows.

Applying for a Job

Positions for Technical Staff and Trainees were advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Now what's this job all about!

Info Letter P1 Info Letter P2
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Thanks for your application! Oops a typo. The name is spelt "Sitsky"

And then:

Application Received (Click image to enlarge)
Now for the interview. Ser Meeting
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Success at last.

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Hey, its Monday 10th February 1958 and the College starts classes on the 17th. We better check that the applicants know what's happening. Telegram (Click image to enlarge)
The first Pay Slip and payment was in cash. Gross pay £17/2 for the fortnight or $A34.20 with tax at 10%
Pay Slip
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After a satisfactory medical check one was put on the permanent staff and could then pay Superannuation.
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