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ABC Organisation

Prior to the introduction of Television the ABC's role centered on Radio which had the responsibility for the Administration and Production of Radio programs including the management of the Symphony Orchestras at State and Head Office levels. Technical Services support for the transmission of programs, the provision and maintenance of studio facilities was the responsibility of the Post Masters General's (PMG) Department.

The early planning, property acquisition for Television Studio construction was also done by the PMG. However the Government decided that with the advent of Television the ABC should also manage the provision of its facilities including operations, maintenence and support. The responsibility for broadcast transmission would remain with the PMG. The ABC's Production role was also extended to include film production.

First Senior Managers for ABC Television

The first Engineering appointment in April 1955 was Lloyd Hadfield as Director of Technical Services. He was supported by Ken Middleton (Supervising Engineer) Sydney, and Colin Stockbridge (Supervising Engineer) Melbourne. Four Senior Engineers, Kevin Bourke, John Poll, Dave Pritchard and Carl Wilhelm were appointed to the Head Office Team.

While Head Office started as Technical Services the state branches were known as engineering structures combining both the operational, engineering and technical functions.

At the end of 1955 Talbot Duckmanton was appointed to the General Manager's personal staff at the age of 33 as Co-ordinator of Television.

An Administrative Structure organisation chart from the late fifties shows the ABC headed by the General Manager Charles Moses. Reporting to the GM was an Assistant General Manager (Talbot Duckmanton) who had the responsibility for Administrative Services, Forbes Street Radio Production, Film Production, Building Services, Organisation and Establishment Officer (excluding establishment and reclassifications).

The Director of Technical Services Lloyd Hadfield also reported to the GM.

Later Organisation charts which were produced for training in the early 60s showed the Controller of Technical Services (Vern Kenna) who had the responsibility for Head Office and State Engineering reporting to the GM. This structure referred to the additional state structures formed with the advent of Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart (BAPH) television in 1960. A Film Structure and a Buildings Planning Structure outlined their respective responsibilities.



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