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Roll Call - Radio

A Roll call of staff employed by the ABC and PMG is listed as a matter of interest to show staff who came across from Radio to Television.

Adams Harry Technician/Operator
Aspinall Richard Talks Presenter
Austin Molly Announcer/Presenter
Bain Pat Central Operations
Bancroft Stan Technician/Operator
Barnett Dean Technician/Operator
Baxter Laurie Technician/Operator
Bennet Dennis Announcer/Presenter
Bingham Peter Announcer/Presenter
Bird Wally Technician/Operator
Blain Ellis Announcer/Presenter
Blue Harry Technician/Operator
Boyle Frank Technician/Operator
Breeze Maude Central operations
Brew Rose Central Operations
Bubb John Technician/Operator
Burns Muriel Central Operations
Burdock Heath Announcer/Newsreader
Burstall Bob Technician/Operator
Canham Ken Technician/Operator
Chance John Announcer/Presenter
Chance Rupert Announcer/Presenter
Channel Doug Announcer/Presenter
Charlton Michael Announcer/Presenter
Christopher Jack Senior Technician/Operator
Clark Dot Central Operations
Coleman Helen Announcer/Presenter
Collins Ralph Announcer/Presenter
Conners Mike Announcer/Presenter
Cunningham Jack Technician/Operator
Cureton Jack Technician/Operator
Dale Tom Technician/Operator
Dalziell John Technician/Operator
Dawes-Smith Peter Announcer/Presenter
Delaney Pat Announcer/Presenter
Dibble Jim Announcer/Presenter
Dierikx Danny Technician/Operator
Duckmanton Tal Administration
Eadie Mervyn Announcer/Presenter
Egan Vince Technician/Operator
Eisdell Michael Announcer/Presenter
Eve Ben Technician/Operator
Fairfax Lionel Technician/Operator
Farquharson Elizabeth Announcer/Presenter
Fiennes Michael Announcer/Presenter
Flindt Frank Administration
Fox Cassie Central Operations
Fred Haynes Technician/Operator
Galway Leo Technician/Operator
Garton John Technician/Operator
Gately Clive Supervising Technician/Operator
Gibbs Bill Technician/Operator
Gray Keith Technician/Operator
Graydon John Technician/Operator
Grierson Ted Announcer/Presenter
Grunden Harry Technician/Operator
Gunningham Herb Technician/Operator
Gyngell Bruce Announcer/Presenter
Harry Croot Administration
Haslam Doug Technician/Operator
Healy Dick Announcer/Presenter
Hicks John Technician/Operator
Higgins Betty Announcer/Presenter
Hobbs Newton Talks/Presenter
Hughes Laurie Technician/Operator
Hunt Sheila Announcer/Presenter
Hutchison Jim Engineer
Johnson Jack Technician/Operator
Kavanagh Pat Technician/Operator
Kerr Bernie Sporting
King Earl Announcer/Presenter
Lansbury Oscar Sound Effects
Leggett Dudley Sporting
LePla Vic Technician/Operator
Linder Len Technician/Operator
Lockhart Helen
Loney Alf Technician/Operator
Lyons Frank Technician/Operator
Maclay Paul Announcer/Presenter
McFarlane Bill Technician/Operator
McGregor Peter Announcer/Presenter
McInerney Frank Supervising Technician/Operator
McKay Doreen Announcer/Presenter
McMillan Dorothea Central Operations
McNeally Cec Technician/Operator
Melville Lachie Sporting
Miller Bruce Announcer/Presenter
Moate Alan Technician/Operator
Moore Bob Announcer/Presenter
Moore Jack Technician/Operator
Moscatt Russ Technician/Operator
Moxham John Technician/Operator
Moyle John Technician/Operator
Napthene Val Music Library/Archives
Naylor Malcolm Announcer/Presenter
Norwood Dick Announcer/Presenter
O'Donnell Tom Technician/Operator
Osborne Ida Announcer/Presenter
Paterson George Technician/Operator
Patterson Grace Announcer/Presenter
Peterson Neville
Pogson Ian Technician/Operator
Pickup John Sound Effects
Piesse Len Technician/Operator
Powe Ken Technician/Operator
Pratt Alan Technician/Operator
Rake Ron Technician/Operator
Rice Harry Technician/Operator
Richardson Bob Sporting
Rose Stan Technician/Operator
Rothenbury John Technician/Operator
Royal John Newsreader
Royal Martin Announcer/Presenter
Scott Gordon Announcer/Presenter
Senior Jack Technician/Operator
Senior Jack Technician/Operator
Sergel Geoff Technician/Operator
Skelton Barry Technician/Operator
Southwell Noel Technician/Operator
Stacey Roy Technician/Operator
Stanford Snow Supervising Technician/Operator
Stewart Bill Supervising Technician/Operator
Swan Peter Technician/Operator
Tanner Peter Announcer/Presenter
Tapp Dave Technician/Operator
Taylor Eric Technician/Operator
Taylor Ken Technician/Operator
Toynton Dave Technician/Operator
Turner Des Sound Effects
Warren John Technician/Operator
Watt Eric Engineer
Webber Bruce Announcer/Presenter
Webster Bruce Announcer/Presenter
West John Announcer/Presenter
Williams Jack Sound Effects
Wyndham Arthur Announcer/Presenter
Wynne Ian Announcer/Presenter
Young Horrie Technician/Operator
Young Katherine Announcer/Presenter
Youngson Charlie Technician/Operator

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