Ken Frank’s 1957 Diary

Listed below are extracts taken from the diary of Ken Frank, Marconi Engineer, working at Gore Hill during the installation of the new studios.

6 February 1957

At AWA collecting schedules, circuits, etc

February 7 1957

At ABN with Fred Kenyon and Eric Hitchen discussing facilities and minor rearrangement

February 8 1957

Morning with Grahame Sibley – equipment situation. Afternoon with John Poll, Eric Hitchen and Fred Kenyon, and for a time with Ken Middleton, re arrangement of MCR console and ducting, VDAs and patch panel

February 13 1957

Checked material shortages. Moved over into new building, film handling room.

February 14 1957

Cables and connectors moved from Arcon building.

March 1 1957

Two chaps on loan for day. Unpacked 2 sound cabinet racks and taken to MCR.

March 6 1957

Rough check on chain pulses w/- EMI CRO.

March 19 1957

Two studio bods Reg and Doug Curtin worked on installing RPS’s in racks

March 25 1957

Checked over Line Clamp Amplifiers.

March 29 1957

Don Crowley getting relay contacts

April 1 1957

Delay room available 8/4/57

April 4 1957

Drawing out Master Control sound patch panel from information contained in wiring diagrams

April 5 1957

Checking through all Master Control sound equipment drawings.

April 15 1957

Worked out mains power requirement and draw up schedule

May 3 1957

Measuring up coax cable lengths.

May 4 1957

Black bar fault on Gen Lock appears to be from irregularities on incoming signal from Links

May 27 1957

Shifting dimmer bank and rectifier

May 30 1957

Meeting discussed Presentation and Continuity

June 3 1957

New ABC chap started – Brian Clift

June 4 1957

Alan Nash new ABC chap started

June 7 1957

AWA carpenter finished plinth. Ducting off to O’Donnell Griffin for plating.

June 12 1957

Plated ducting arrived back from O’Donnell Griffin. 3 – 7 pm with john Poll discussing communications

June 24 1957

Storm water leaking on floor of Master Control

August 29 1957

Writing up VDA test figures. Hadfield down to discuss timing of new studios.

August 30 1957

Checking ducting requirements running around studio 21

September 2 1957

5 cases plus lighting control arrived

September 9 1957

Dimmer banks for Studio 22 moved into position

September 13 1957

Working on drawing for studio 21 T.B.

September 25 1957

Re-arrangement of equipment in MCR sound cabinet. Grahame Sibley fitting preview switch etc. into console.

October 4 1957

Alan Nash making 75 ohm terminations

October 8 1957

Arranged for technical earth installation. Hole to be dug Mon/Tues and plates to be buried on Wed next week

October 17 1957

Boys getting technical earth cables in

October 25 1957

Morning – Ken Middleton, John Poll, Eric Hitchen, Grahame Sibley discussing opening

November 3 1957 (Sunday)

Grahame Sibley, Warwick Davies, and Eric Hitchen on the job. Grahame on EMI CCU pulses; Eric and Warwick on MCR Line Clamp Amplifiers

November 21 1957

MCR audio virtually complete. Audio testing MCR to be completed by end of next week.

November 27 1957

Alan Nash and Brian Clift finished cabling studio 23 – putting tags on.

November 28 1957

Continuity suite building work under way

December 3 1957

Put VDA, sound and vision patch panels in Telecine rack. Measured up coax lengths.

December 4 1957

Tubular steel monitor racks for Studio 21 arrive

December 12 1957

Got most of Studio 21 talkback working.

December 27 1957

Did Marconi distortion tests on TVA’s. Did tests on SRF except noise and crosstalk

January 2 1958

Boys over from studio - Ed Dutchman (Eddy Berlage?) & Sam Brown


Ken Frank's involvement with the Gore Hill installation began in 1957 as the engineering representative from AWA/Marconi. During his career Ken has been involved with television broadcast design, contracts and defence electronics. He retired in 2000.



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