Introduction to 'ABC-TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties'

The concept, research and development of ‘ABC-TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties’ was jointly undertaken by Bob Sitsky and Colin McPherson. Both Bob and Colin worked at Gore Hill in the 1950’s as young trainees. They were part of the first Technician-in-Training group that ABC television recruited in the beginning of 1958. All the work associated with these web pages was done after both Bob and Colin retired from the ABC.

The period covered by this web site was very significant in the development of ABC television. In those early pioneering days at Gore Hill there was a remarkable spirit of co-operation between all the staff to get the best results from a new medium. Staff were totally committed to their work and to ABC television– everyone was keen to ensure that the product that went ‘on-air’ was the best that could be achieved.

The following people have so far made a contribution to these pages:

Prue Bavin (now Wyndham) Frank Brogan Ken Frank
Sam Leon Richard Carden Bob Forster
Bob Moore John Garton Eric Hitchen
Margaret Delves (now Moore) Bruce Valentine Bryan Madeley
Barbara Potter (now Sanders) John Laker
Pauline Thomas Barry Lambert Alan Mitchell (letter)
Ruth Page (now Harris) George Paterson
Ken Chown Don Crowley John Dwyer
Marie Tysoe Phil Pearson  
Babs McKinnon Jack Christopher  
Bill Crawford Grahame Sibley Ray Mitchell (extracts)
Hans Pomeranz Larry Sitsky Peter Page (extracts)
Neville Petersen Merv Sommers Alan Burke (extracts)
John Pickup John Starr Colin Dean (extracts)
David Twiby Gordon Waterhouse Tom Manefield (extracts)
Daphne Ferguson (now Daphne Harris Gillooly) Carl Wilhelm Jack Singe (extracts)
Norman May Bob Sitsky Robert Feeney (extracts)
Terry Colhoun Rex Lapham Margaret Cardin (extracts)
Lorrea Desmond John Watson Joyce Belfrage (extracts)
Don Bethel Colin McPherson John Appleton (extracts)
Brian Davies Len Richardson Norman Heatherington - Mr Squiggle (extracts)
Don Calder Peter Lipscomb Laura Murray Cree (nee Chance)
Ken North Doug Grant  
John Lander Noel Cantrill  
  Bob Connor  
  John Nixon  
  Athol Adams  

Appreciation for photographic contributions is given to Bob Connor, Rex Lapham, Barry Quick, John Garton, Bruce Valentine, Len Richardson, Richard Carden, Noel Cantrill, John Pickup, David Twybie, Gary Yates, Graham Wieland, Jim Wilkinson, Don Bethel and Artley Pickup. Thanks also to Brian Thomas for his work in scanning the Conservation Management Report.

Special mention has to be given to Doug Grant, also an ABC ex-staffer, for his considerable contribution to this project and to Les Simmonds, also an ex staffer for his website technical advice.

Bob Sitsky and Colin McPherson would like to thank ABC Archives, ABC Marketing and ABC New Media for their support in getting this material published.

Thanks also go to the National Film & Sound Archives for making available their archival material.


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