Find the Link  
Reflections on a TV Show  

My name is John Dwyer, I was a participant in a show produced by Margaret Delves, now Moore, called "Find The Link". The episode I was in was done in approx. 1958. I was (am) a Herpetologist and the link was my snakes. Bruce Beebe was the compare and he was a little afraid of reptiles. He was not told of the link. At the end of the episode I was to pull a snake out of a bag and put it on the table. This done saw Bruce backpedal in his chair and stopped by the back wall still clinging to the arms of the chair. At this point Andrea ( Lotty Lylle) lept up from her chair to take hold of the diamond python I was holding. In passing it to her the Floor Manager reached over to take the snake which was at this point not too sure what it should do so it promptly bit the hand it was offered`. Andrea eventually held the snake and was as excited as I have seen anyone be excited. She said it was the best show she had done.