I began the Communications and Certificate Course in 1958. This was four nights a week travelling in from Granville. I was not working. It was mid February when chatting with the Principal, Mr. Bob Mondel, in reference to work. He asked whether I had tried the TV channels. That night I found ABN Channel 2 in the phone book. Contact was made and was first interviewed by John Watson and then Ken Middleton. I became a staff member in early March 1958. Hence I dropped out of the evening classes as it was expected the work would be covered in the ABC T.I.T. training program. In addition we also covered Studio Techniques which suited me fine. As we would be working shift it would have been impossible to attend evening classes .

It was exciting times to be involved in live television productions and mixing with such a wide cross section of people. I felt honoured to be part of this experience. For me television came at just the right time. I could not have been better placed. In fact I don't know what else I would possible be involved in. Of cause the first seven years was the most exciting period. The era to following was just not the same. I did enjoy studio life and this is where most of my working life was spent. Mind you it was not all plain sailing I did have my ups and downs. All a part of the learning experience of life.

The teachers at the College were good value. In particular Bob Green comes to mind. The class of 58 were a great bunch of guys and we all got along fine. There were of cause the rowdy ones along with the quiet ones but a good mix.

Particular reference should be made of John Watson our training supervisor. He should be congratulated for his efforts in communicating studio equipment technology to the group on our Friday morning sessions when not at College.

John Nixon started work at Gore Hill as a trainee in March of 58 and retired in October of 97 as a Technical Producer - a period of 39.5 years.


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